There goes the supervision! Illegal prostitution increasingly in homes or Airbnb – The Daily Standard

While Amsterdam is discussing a kind of erotic complex to finally get rid of the Red Light District, a completely different problem appears to arise. Thanks to Airbnb, prostitution is again slumped further to the underworld. No supervision, no security and no real solution.
The Netherlands is ripe for more nasty crime. With services like Airbnb, it has become incredibly easy to hide prostitution from the view of the police. No Red Light District where you absolutely have to go. And you don’t have to look for a seedy heroin hooker in the back of an alley, just to avoid getting caught by the police. Nowadays this is possible in people’s homes!

The criminal underworld has not yet developed a Tinder whore app, but it is getting close. Apparently it is lucrative again to lure Eastern Bloc girls this way with a nice job, and then let them be abused via Airbnb by dirty people with full wallets.

And see how to get that. Someone who rents his house for a few days as a sex place and then ‘closes’ again. You only need a few people like that to offer their house (and receive money). Then you relocate the entire operation and disappear from view again. And I also wonder if there is really a solid solution to be found, without immediately switching to horse resources like checking every Airbnb …

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