There is a lack of space for patients in some wards of Stradins Hospital

“This management is very difficult – the patient has to be taken to the resuscitation ward, but there is no place in the resuscitation ward, which means that someone has to be transferred to the regular ward, but I also have no place in the normal ward,” Rācenis said.

Patients should be relocated so that this additional location can be found, in summary, the doctor advised. According to Rāceņš, this type of situation at Stradiņš Hospital is not uncommon.

“The admissions department was originally designed for 60 to 80 patients a day, now the average flow is between 150 and 200 patients,” the doctor explained.

At the same time, Rācenis noted that in recent years there has been an increasing trend towards faster discharge of patients from hospital. “It’s a global trend,” the doctor added.

However, as a result of shorter hospital stays, doctors are increasingly having to deal with social problems, including finding a place to stay, for patients without a place of residence.

“For example, a month ago, I had a lot of problems when a patient stayed in hospital for more than a month because she had been hospitalized with paralysis – her relatives would not be able to keep her home and she did not have any care facilities to go to.” said the doctor.

The issue of doctors’ remuneration was also discussed in the program, however, according to Rāceņš, there are doubts whether an increase in remuneration will be achieved already this year. “I don’t have much faith for this year,” Rācenis said about the possibility to increase the salary this year.

It has already been reported that in the request for funding from the Ministry of Health for the budget of 2021, the increase of the remuneration of medical practitioners will be one of the main priorities.

The availability of health care services and medicines will also appear in the list of priorities of the Ministry of Health.

According to the currently approved state budget development schedule for 2021, the MoE will prepare a request for funding by July 8, following the information on next year’s budget opportunities.

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