there is still hope Mae Kae said the team is ready to carry a large set of equipment to search for Nong Marwin’s body.

Kanchanaburi – Still Hope Mae Kae said the team is ready to carry a large set of equipment to search for Nong Marwin’s body. He disappeared in the middle of the lake at Si Dam Reservoir again on 18 Nov.

Today (November 14), reporters reported that Because of Mr. Mawin Netdecha, an 18-year-old Bangkok tourist, fell from a jet ski accident. The submerged body disappeared under the water in the middle of the Srinakarin Dam Reservoir Lake, Village No. 5, Tha Kradan Sub-District, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi Province, with Mr Warin. My older friend is the driver. The incident occurred at 3:00 pm on October 24, throughout the last period. Base staff from many states including various government agencies help mobilize search forces on the surface, underwater and in the air

As for Ms Ketna Fuengfu or Kae, the mother has been monitoring the search in the hope that her son’s body will be found to be used for religious ceremonies. but in the end not found Finally, the authorities decided to cancel the search trip on November 9th. to return to plan another search when ready Total search period 16 full days

According to the latest search operations, it was found that Ms Kerasana Fuengfu or Kae, the mother of Nong Mawin. posted a short message Posted on personal Facebook, stating, “I’m very happy. This Friday, November 18, travel to Kanchanaburi and see you soon. #Marvin’s body found” From the post above, there are people who come to encourage and help each other to pray for Mother Kae. found the body of Nong Marvin many sons together

In addition, Ms Gaysorn also shared on Facebook. “Phuket Beer Rescue” 1 of the search team for the body of Nong Marwin since the beginning, who has posted that “Waiting for the equipment to be completed, more than 20 soldiers have been raised. This time, many of agencies have gathered again. If we succeed this time We will look for those who were lost We are not good people. But we put together a team that really worked and met.”

On the page, there is also a search plan as follows: Plan A Sonar team Scans for underwater objects. A drone team performs aerial search maps. Underwater drone team doing mapping, search depth 35-150 meters, scuba rescue team, search depth limit 30 meters, body recovery technology diver team, depth 60-120 meters, surface island search boat team. If the missing body is found, the team of tech-drive divers will go down to recover the body.

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