They find lifeless father and son from Saltillenses in the Huasteca Potosina

The situation, deployed an operation by authorities of Public Security, Civil Protection, Fire, Volunteers and other municipal authorities near the Aquismón area, San Luis Potosí, with crews of more than fifty people, including divers and boatmen who they searched between the Gallinas and Tampaón rivers for traces of the lost.

Rodolfo Adrián, father of 40 years, was found during the early hours of this Sunday at the edge of 5:00 am by volunteer boatmen from the Tanchanchín community, and his body was recognized by his 66-year-old father.

In the midst of the situation, staff and community of the Harmony School, where the minor was studying, began a collection to pay the rent of a helicopter that duplicated the search that, for its part, the Ministry of Public Safety of San Luis had also started by by air on orders from the state government itself.

However, at 6:30 p.m. the child’s body was found lifeless on the Gallinas River, very close to the Tamúl waterfall, which was what had complicated the search in that area as it became an extremely dangerous cause for those they try to zoom in.

Until now, the theory of this case is that the minor was stuck in a branch before falling through the waterfall and this caused him a death by drowning, while the father did fall through the waterfall and was found in the adjacent river.

In officially communicating the search results, the San Luis Potosí government expressed its condolences to the family and thanked those who collaborated in the operation.

“The administration recognizes the efforts of the volunteers who joined the search, as well as State Civil Protection, the State Public Security Secretariat, City Councils, firefighters, PC and municipal police, among other corporations that worked on locating the lost people ”, he expressed.

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