“They said ‘fake news'”… Satellite image of Russian escape march caught ‘right’

picture explanation[사진출처 = 연합뉴스]

A satellite image of Russian citizens fleeing to avoid the mobilization order issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 21st (local time) is drawing attention.

When the report was first published, the Russian government objected that it was fake news.

The ‘Russian Escape Rush’ satellite image shows a 10-mile (16km) line of vehicles lined up at the border crossing from Russia to Georgia.

The Washington Post (WP) reported on the 27th (local time) that US commercial satellite company Maxa Technologies released satellite images of Russian citizens escaping on the 25th.

The picture that has been released shows cars and trucks approaching a Russian checkpoint and about to leave Russia. Maxa Technology said, “It was difficult to capture the entire train procession.

Maxa Technologies also released another photo showing a long line of vehicles heading towards Mongolia.

Georgia and Mongolia are countries where Russian citizens can enter without a visa.

Earlier, foreign media all at once reported that Russian citizens were fleeing the country to avoid conscription after Putin issued a partial mobilization order for reserve troops.

Reuters reported that the evacuation march began on the evening of the 21st when the evacuation order was issued, leading to a 5km long queue of vehicles at the border checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border.

Local eyewitnesses also testified that it took seven hours to cross the border that day.

Finland, which shares a 1,300 km border with Russia, also saw an increase in traffic at border checkpoints, the BBC reported.

An unnamed man who was waiting at the scene told the BBC, “After President Putin issued the mobilization order, I went to the border with only my passport without packing any other bags.

In response, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on the 22nd that “there is a lot of false and exaggerated information.”

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