“They won’t want to play in Russia.” KHL spectator for Riga “Dinamo” next season – Hockey – Apollo.lv – Sports

The viewer stressed that KHL foreign clubs may have problems starting the new tournament due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as there is a possibility that travel restrictions may not be completely lifted.

“I have not seen an official announcement from the people of Riga on this issue. But here it must be understood that any foreign team can withdraw from the championship due to a pandemic. What can the club do if the borders are still closed,” Waisfeld said.

The viewer also believes that the Riga club would not be ready to play home games in Russia.

“Theoretically, it is possible to play home games here in Russia. But if, for example, China’s Kunluun agrees to such an option, I do not believe that such an option will satisfy Latvians. They will not want to play in Russia and will say:” Our essence is to play home games In Riga, “the inspector continued.”

Waisfeld also explained that very little depends on clubs in this situation. He is also convinced that the KHL management monitors the border situation and regularly contacts teams whose base city is not in Russia.

Although KHL has received an application from Riga “Dinamo” for participation in the next season, the people of Riga are still the only club in the whole league that does not have a head coach. Guntars Paste, an advisor to the club’s board, is in charge of recruiting.

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