Third season of “Dark” leaves confusion and memes in networks

This weekend fans of “Dark” they did not move away from their screens, because finally the third and last season of the program starring Louis Hofmann.

The story that tells the story of Jonas and other inhabitants of the town called Winches came to an end after two seasons where wormholes were discussed, leaps in time it is included parallel worlds.

Yesterday its third season premiered on Netflix, but after a large number of people have finished watching the eight chapters it is made up of, the name of the series has become a trend on social networks.

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And although some have shared their positive opinion about the end of the third season and qualify it as the best, there have been other users who have used the time to carry out memes and laugh for a while.

However, there were others who realized the complexity of the program as well as the relationships between the characters and the times.

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The three seasons of “Dark” are available on Netflix and features the stars of Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari, Oliver Masucci, Maja Schöne, Lisa Kreuzer and Jördis Triebel, among others.


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