This asana can also be done in the office to get rid of back pain; Video – back pain relief Yoga asanas | Health

What to do if you get excruciating back pain while at the office? Why don’t you try getting up for a bit, lean over and massage yourself as much as you can? But if you have back pain, here we present an asana that can be done with the help of a wall, whether in the office or at home.

The half standing forward bend asana is very easy for anyone to do. By doing it regularly, you will get permanent relief from back pain.

Know how to do that


Stand about an arm’s length from the wall towards you. The same fixed distance can be kept between the legs. Both feet can stand one foot back. The Shoulder and Wrist should be in a straight line. Then take a deep breath. Inhale and slowly push the upper body from the head down to the base of the spine. Breathe deeply and push well.

Come back slowly and straighten your spine. Take your hands off the wall and relax. Notice the sensation and changes in the spine by doing this asana.

Content Summary: Half standing forward bending asana to relieve back pain

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