This Beautiful Billionaire Who Can Be Single

Latest viral news: Young Chinese billionaire who has a hobby of collecting luxury cars is still single. – Being the CEO of a real estate company Logan Property Holdings doesn’t make Ji Kaiting feel enough. The woman whose real name is Kei Perenna Hoi Ting is increasingly developing its wings in the business world.

Reporting from Independent, Ji Kaiting or also often known as Ji PeiLi was named the youngest billionaire in the world in 2014.

He himself graduated from the Singapore Institute of Management, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics at the University of London.

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At that age he inherited the family wealth, Ji also received 85 percent ownership of the company, and made him the largest shareholder in Logan Property Holdings.

Besides being lucky, he is also known to be smart and hardworking. During school he was always the first in his class. Besides these are some other facts about Ji’s figure.

Even though it was known as a billionaire in 2014, 5 years ago it counted that its net worth had reached USD 1.3 billion (Rp. 18.3 trillion) in 2019.

Behind the abundant wealth that he had in fact during his college years he often helped the father’s business until his ability in terms of management was recognized by many employees.

As a billionaire Ji has an unusual hobby that is collecting limited edition luxury cars. Some sources say if he likes Ferrari, especially those sold limited.

In fact he has LaFerrari whose production numbers are only 499 units worldwide. In addition, he also has a specially designed Pagani and McLaren sports car.

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