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Suar.ID – To this day the world is still in fear corona virus or Covid-19 this.

As you know, this deadly virus is thought to originate from Wuhan, China.

Not long ago a citizen journalist uncovered the case corona virus to the public.

This woman uploaded a video in the virology laboratory Wuhan which is thought to be the first source of the emergence of the deadly virus.

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Ms. Zhang Zhan, 40, was finally arrested by security forces. reports that Shanghai, China resident Zhang Zhan has been arrested on suspicion of ‘inciting strife and provoking problems’.

Such accusations are often made by the Chinese police against activists.

Zhang Zhan is believed to be the fourth Chinese citizen reporter who has disappeared or been detained after sending a shipment from Wuhan China during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Communist Party Criticism in China

The news came as Chinese officials claimed that the new Beijing Corona Virus cluster linked to the wholesale market was “largely under control”.

Zhang, who is from Shaanxi province in northwestern China, criticized the Chinese Communist Party before the pandemic.

Last year, he was detained by police, also on suspicion of ‘picking up fights and provoking problems’, after showing his support for Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, according to a Chinese website that publishes updates on activists.

“Choosing quarrels and provoking problems” is a vaguely defined allegation that is often used by Chinese authorities to target activists and dissidents, sentenced to up to five years in prison.

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It was said that independent journalists arrived in Wuhan around February 1, 2020 to report the Coronavirus outbreak.

Electric Virology Laboratory Fence Electrified

According to Zhang’s YouTube channel, he visited some of the most sensitive places in Wuhan at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in the city, including the Virology Institute, crematorium, and Wuhan hospital.

In a clip uploaded on February 25, a man told Zhang that he had just seen a crematorium van transporting corpses from Wuhan Wuchang Hospital.

“That’s too scary,” the man was heard saying as he stood outside the medical facility.

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In five videos released the following day, he appeared to film the outside of the heavily guarded Wuhan Virology Institute.

The Wuhan Virology Institute or the Wuhan Virology Laboratory is a center for virus research and it is suspected that Corona Virus escaped from this place.

The institute is surrounded by high-voltage electric fences and is run by the military, said Zhang.

Zhang Zhan also captured how a crematorium allegedly worked yesterday in mid-February, allegedly burning the body of a Covid-19 victim.

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In addition, the Hubei Province People’s Hospital appeared to be full of patients on March 1 when official figures claimed that the number of daily infections had dropped sharply.

It was alleged that Mr. Zhang was “forced to disappear” by the authorities in Wuhan on May 14 and was formally arrested in Shanghai the following day.

The news was reported by a number of media including Radio Free Asia and The Times.

His father told the South China Morning Post that he was told by police about the arrest of his daughter on Friday.

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Before Zhang, three other citizen journalists disappeared because they published reports about the Wuhan epidemic at international social media outlets.

Chen Qiushi, 34, was last heard on February 6, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Fang Bin, a businessman, also disappeared in early February, and is believed to have been detained by the state. Li Zehua, 25, disappeared at the end of February and reappeared at the end of April.

China is reported to have harassed, threatened, and silenced many citizens who swore to hold the government accountable for the missteps it felt in dealing with the new coronavirus outbreak.

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A civil servant, Tan Jun, is said to have been interrogated and gagged by police after filing the country’s first law suit against the Hubei provincial government for ‘causing unprecedented damage’ to the lives and property of its people.

Other grieving residents of Wuhan are thought to have been harassed, intimidated and silenced by authorities after planning to petition officials for their response to the health crisis, which has killed more than 477,000 worldwide.

Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist in Wuhan, was given a severe verbal warning by his boss and police officers after sending messages to social media to warn other medical staff about ‘SARS-like’ illnesses.

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Ren Zhiqiang, a loud Chinese Communist Party critic and millionaire property tycoon, was arrested after he wrote an essay critical of Xi’s response to the outbreak, calling the leader a “clown”.

Also, three internet activists based in Beijing have disappeared and may have been arrested for storing backup copies of the censored coronavirus news online, according to a relative.

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