‘Those traveling to India should be very careful’; America has warned its citizens

New York: The United States has issued a warning to its own citizens traveling to India. The warning was given stating that crime and terrorism are on the rise in India. The US urges travelers to India to be extremely aware of their security According to the new travel advisory released by the State Department.

He has also been advised to avoid traveling to Jammu and Kashmir, except the eastern region of Ladakh and Leh. The warning also says that there is a risk of conflict within 10 km of the border between India and Pakistan. Rape cases are also reported to be increasing rapidly in India. Officials have explained that sexual violence is on the rise in tourist centers and other areas and that there is a possibility of terrorist attacks in tourist centers and shopping centers without proper warning.

The US State Department also said that essential services for American citizens were restricted to interior areas from east of Maharashtra to north of Telangana. It is also suggested that government officials traveling to these areas should take special permission.

At the same time, the US State Department said that those traveling to Pakistan should reconsider their decision. Terrorism and communalism were cited as the reasons.

Content Highlights: United States, asking its citizens, to be more careful, when traveling to India, crime, terrorism

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