Throughout her life in hell, a 16-year-old girl was raped by her stepfather for 8 years until she became pregnant with her real mother.

Disheartened, a 16-year-old girl was raped by her stepfather for 8 years until she became pregnant. Her biological mother sympathized. Giving birth to a child must be boring.

Ms. Nutthapat Yongchaiyudh, Assistant Minister for Justice, together with Acting Lieutenant Pichet Kaewchinda, Nakhon Phanom Provincial Justice Ms. Suphannee Srisuphan Rights and Freedom Protection Officer Lt. Col. Tharaphong Phuthinwe, Investigating Inspector of Phon Sawan Police Station, Nakhon Phanom Province, Lt. Lt. Acting Siripong Chaiyaphan, Chief Minister of Na Khamin Sub-District Administrative Organization, Phon Sawan District, Ms. Sivaphon Senchanthichai Chai The head of Ban Kham Tia Yai, Na Khamin Sub-District, together with relevant officials village community leader Go to the area to check to help Nong Tum (alias), 16 years old, victim of horny stepfather. forced to rape since about age 8, with a real mother who is a sympathetic person who helps victimize the stepfather because husband and wife became slaves to methamphetamine

Until finally, in July 2022, the break was because Nong Tum, who had been raped for 8 years, was pregnant and gave birth to a girl. Currently, he is about 2 months old, the relatives are very patient, so coordinate the police. and justice agencies legal action

After that in July 2022, Pol Lt. Col. Tharaphong Phuthinwe, Investigating Inspector of Phonsawan Police Station, to the area to lead the investigative team to prosecute. Blaming the stepfather, Mr Inpon, 51, on three serious charges, including the crime of using drugs, methamphetamine type 1, including raping a child under 13 years of age, who is not his wife or husband. by threatening in any way by using disorder and indecent acts to children under the age of 13, with or without consent. She also sued her mother, Mrs Supanni Pansiti, 47, for taking methamphetamine. And because he is in possession of drug class 1 amphetamine for sale, a husband and wife are detained in Nakhon Phanom Central Prison. Awaiting the decision of the Nakhon Phanom Provincial Court.

On this occasion, Ms Natthapat Yongchaiyudh, Assistant Minister of Justice brought relevant officials Go to the area to help livelihood including assistance In important legal cases, Nong Tum, now 16 years old, has to live in a house raised wood. old dilapidated condition galvanized wall cladding Including old wood as in condition, also the bathroom is not completely sealed. make enough to use no electricity including no water supply system Water must be used in the creek near the house. In addition, they have to look after their child, around 2 months old, on their own, free of charge. Having to bring water for the children to eat to sustain life. Only relatives and villagers care and help according to the condition. After the stepfather and mother were in prison and had to stop continuing their studies. for having to look after the child and who has psychological problems

preliminary on the relevant Agencies, including local community leaders have established a fund Open a donation account with philanthropists can ask for details And donate to help in the Government Savings Bank account, Phon Sawan branch, account number 020-3995-3237-1. donation account name Fund to help Nong Tum, Na Khamin Sub-District For enquiries, please call. 063-531-9726 Mrs Sivaporn Senchanthichaichai Head of Kham Tia Yai Village

On the other hand, Ms. Natphat Yongchaiyudh, the Deputy Minister for Justice, after receiving news from relevant agencies including local community leaders a police department has therefore been coordinated to the area to help the family A younger brother or sister who has been a victim of erotic stepfather for more than 10 years, with her biological mother as her protection, sympathetically forces her daughter to be raped until she conceives and gives birth to a child, and is also forced to use methamphetamine. Fortunately, the boy refused. Relatives, including community leaders coordinated with the police legal action and he was arrested and prosecuted The real stepfather and mother because of their behavior related to the use of drugs, methamphetamine

by asking and Originally, the child who was attacked had three brothers or sisters, all of them girls. the victim is the middle man The eldest went to work and had a family. left the victim and the youngest brother went to live with his mother and stepfather in another house. without supervision until such an event occurs Until the relatives know the behavior of the stepfather, but the girl is pregnant for about 5-6 months, so coherent to ask for help from relevant agencies. until giving birth and taking care of homes for children and families social development and human security providing support including agencies protecting rights and freedom Provincial Justice takes care of all aspects and provides preliminary compensation

The most important thing is the accommodation, living conditions. Cooperation must be received from the public and private sectors so the establishment of a donation fund was coordinated In order to use the money to renovate the house and take care of babies born for about 2 months, there must be costs. including the future of the youngest sister to study this type of problem is considered Society must help each other and build immunity to society with justice agencies to take care and help can contact for help in every state In such cases, the police are coordinated. and related agencies Take care to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent. and taking care of the quality of life of the youngest so that it does not affect the mental state in the future

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