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Kudos to KVH’s decision on insurance

Kudos to KVH for deciding not to take Kaiser insurance after next July. Most state employees and retirees have this insurance, and other plans are double the premium. In an area with limited employment opportunities other than the state and county this seems like a very uncomfortable decision.

– Connie Gordon

Kudos to Billy F. Robins and Sarah Aubrey

Kudos to Billy F. Robins and Sarah Aubrey for everything you do for veterans

– Rich Searle

Congratulations on firing the teams

Congratulations on the firefighters response to a fire north of Ellensburg off Thomas Road on Sunday. The way the wind blew the fire could have wiped out much of the valley.

– Bill Erickson

Thumbs up to Meghan Anderson’s letter

Kudos to Meghan Anderson for her excellent letter on the need for Republicans to take back their party.

– Linda Bitter

Thumbs down to Meghan Anderson’s letter

Kudos to Meghan Anderson’s ongoing regurgitation and utterly cowardly verbal attacks on the President of the United States, the Daily Record may consider contacting intelligence and letting them know we have some loose mines on the bridge here in County County. Kittitas who seem obsessed with the president of the United States. There has been a constant verbal assault on our great president for most of three years now by the same people, and this small group of people seems to be unhinged and overly obsessed with Mr. Trump, the Daily Record should take that seriously. than their posting as hate-filled rants from a fringe group!

– Doug Myers

I like to use anonymous sources

Kudos to today’s reporters who use “Anonymous Sources”, Your brother “Anonymous Sources” and Cousins ​​”Unofficial Advisor” and “Mr. Presunto” plus “3 White House Sources The Butcher The Baker The Candle Maker” and then the group thinks the reports come from “People familiar with the investigation” .. Can’t write a story .. Make Up a Lie! Journalism is dead!

– Pat Fischer

Thumbs down to Michelle Donahue’s letter

Michelle Donahue’s apprenticeship thumbs down made up nonsense about Social Security and her attempt to scare people into voting a certain way due to the fact that she made up totally irresponsible lies about it. These are the same old, crazy democratic speeches that last for decades. They have a candidate who can’t even communicate a complete sentence, so to deflect their candidate’s extreme weaknesses, they regurgitate lies that have been used for decades.

– Doug Myers

Congratulations on Trump’s payroll tax plan

Congratulations on Trump’s plan to abolish the payroll tax that funds Social Security. It also wants to eliminate funding under Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions. How can you vote for this terrible man.

– Ronald Nelson

Congratulations to the letter from Paula McMinn

Congratulations on Paula McMinn’s letter of September 5 “Reports highlight worrying concerns in the police force.” Thank you for your research and also for you and the other peaceful BLM protesters. Your dignity and perseverance demonstrate and enforce our rights. We need and respect our police; we expect significant reforms.

– Meghan Anderson

Congratulations on the cowboy surprise

Kudos to the cowboy hat-clad townspeople who rode their horses on Pearl Street Saturday morning. Farmers’ market shoppers cheered enthusiastically and shouted “Yee-Haw” at this surprising and delightful attempt at a rodeo parade.

– Rhoda Barber

Kudos to Phil and Patricia Garrison

Kudos to Phil and Patricia Garrison for their tireless efforts to promote the very valuable services offered by Apoyo, especially to the minority community. They have faced difficult times in recent months, but have persevered against daunting adversity. It now appears that they will be successful in their efforts to remain viable. They largely deserve our support.

– Rosco Tolman


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