Thunder storms over Flanders: roof of house goes up in flames …

The fire brigade had to go out in several places on Friday for flooding due to the announced thunderstorm, but the major storm was not forthcoming. In Dessel, the roof of a house went up in the flames after a lightning strike. The predicted hail balls up to 3 centimeters in size did not fall from the sky in Flanders, which was limited to the extreme south of the country.

ALSO LOOK AT. VIDEO. What is a heat storm?

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Emergency number

The FPS Home Affairs has temporary the number 1722 activated. “The purpose of the number 1722 is not to overload the 911 emergency centers and to keep people who are in mortal danger waiting. It is not an emergency number. Be patient and do not call back to know when the emergency services will arrive, ”says FPS Home Affairs.

On the map below you can see how the thunderstorm can spread in the coming hours. Green means that it rains lightly and the wind increases, with yellow the thunderstorm is approaching and you will feel more rain and a strong wind. Ultimately, the core of the thunderstorm (red and orange) passes over different areas. In red and orange zones, strong gusts of wind, heavy thunder and lightning and hail can occur. Also follow the live feed below for updates.

Also on the map of NoodweerBenelux you can see in detail where thunderstorms (and lightning) occur.

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