Tina reveals Ing Fah’s status, just a friend, take her to Singapore together!

By Tina admitting that she is actually going to Singapore together. But we didn’t go together for 2 people and many people wonder why they didn’t take the youngest to go on a business class flight, it’s because they have plans for this trip in ready. He is the person who added As for status and Ingfah, they are just friends.

Did he take his celebrity on a trip?

Yes, really going.

The name Tina is very famous in the media that she is in a relationship with Ingfah. Indeed, what is the status at the moment?

Tina and her sister are friends. Talk normally, nothing.

Did they go and make him almost lose a person, take him to drink until he was drunk and not go to work, right?

We didn’t go together as a group of two people, so we went as a group of many people, so we had many friends.

Did that trip go up to 10?

There are many people there, he has nothing, everyone invites each other.

P. Nawat said that at that time he wanted Ingfa to continue training for a first class fight. But did you take Ingfah to travel?

To be honest, I don’t know his brother’s working days schedule. Just know that today is a holiday Then his group of friends invited us to go, we went, we were free, we went with him.

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