Tipsheet: Reds Revived Trace Back to NL Playoff Match | Jeff Gordon

Also Joey Votto was turned on. For the past few years, he’s looked like a bored veteran coping with the motions, but on Monday he revived and hit a homer in every game.

“I haven’t been excited about baseball going down the stretch in a long time, and that’s not a good thing,” Votto said. “It’s so good to play meaningful games, because if someone were to wear a uniform and play any sport, be competitive in anything, it would be much better to feel like you have a chance, to feel that the games are meaningful, to feel like you are playing. in front of people who care. It’s great. “

Here’s what people write about our national pastime:

AJ Casavell, “No matter who wins the division, the Dodgers and Padres are tied to the post-season. They own the two best records in NL, but as they come from the same division, they fit into the first and fourth seed. Both teams would host an NL Wild Card Series in the first round and, if they win, would advance to face off in a five-game NL Division Series. The two enemies of NL West have never faced each other in the postseason. “

Alden Gonzalez, “The Padres made their intentions clear last year when they allocated $ 300 million Manny machado it’s located Fernando Tatis Jr. is Chris Paddack on their opening day roster, avoiding modern baseball’s abuses of serving time manipulation. After a 70-92 final by a team that was clearly on the rise, Padres executive chairman Ron Fowler declared that “heads will turn” if the Padres had not found themselves in contention in 2020. The claim was a bit heavy and perhaps even a bit misleading. The Padres seemed to be missing at least another year. But then they started the 2020 season with 18 wins in 30 games and their general manager, AJ Preller, acquired at least six players who make a difference in less than 48 hours without mortgaging a loaded farm system, and it all started to feel real. “

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