Today, the total turnover is 27,651 million baht: InfoQuest

Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA) Summary of Thai Bond Market Conditions Today Total daily turnover was 27,651 million baht. The top two with the highest trading value are

1. Asset Management Group (Asset Management Company) net purchase of 2,977 million baht

2. Insurance Group, net purchase of 1,422 million baht

While foreign investors bought a net of 1,889 million baht, the yield of 5-year bonds closed at 2.62%, down -0.03% since yesterday.

Today’s market overview

The previous day’s Yield Curve adjusted by about 1-2 bps For the investment flow of foreign investors today, NET INFLLOW is 1,888 million baht, caused by NET BUYING 1,889 million baht and debt securities held by foreign investors expire. (Expired) 1 million baht on foreign factors US Department of Commerce The price index of personal consumption expenditures (PCE), including food and energy, for August rose 6.2 percent (YoY) from 6.4 percent in July , while credit rating agencies Standard & Poors (S&P) have downgraded their outlook on the UK’s credit rating to AA from stable to negative. As the British Prime Minister’s plans for massive tax cuts will increase Britain’s debt. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has a NET BUY from foreign investors of 2,594 million baht.

Summary of bond trading conditions

Thai bond market 03-10-2022 Change Change
turnover 27,651.02 million baht
Government bond yield for 3 months 0.94% more 0.01%
1 Year Government Bond Yield 1.24 % 0.00 %
5 Year Government Bond Yield 2.62 % reduce 0.03 %

Total turnover (separated by instrument)

Type of instrument million baht Change Change
Exchequer Bills 3,020.73 more 1538 %
government bonds 10,860.67 reduce 55%
government promissory note 0.00 n/a
BOT Bonds 10,014.93 reduce 31%
state enterprise bonds 0.00 n/a
private bond 836.78 reduce 48%
foreign bond 0.00 n/a

Note: n/a is invalid because it has no trading value on the previous day.

By InfoQuest News Agency (03 Oct 65)

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