TOHO GAS invests jointly with SCN to strengthen and reinforce the trust of iCNG business leaders

Tuesday, 04 October 2022, 07.05

TOHO GAS invests jointly with SCN to strengtheniCNG Business Leader Confidence

TOHO GAS, Japan’s natural gas giantPun joins joint venture with SCN, reinforcing confidence in iCNG business, increasing sales potential Ready to penetrate market to expand customer baseThe country’s goal is to double the number of sales

Dr. revealed Rithy Kitpipit, CEO of Scan Inter Public Company Limited or SCN, that Thai-Japan Gas Network Company Limited (TJN), a joint venture company between SCN and Shizuoka Gas Company Limited, Japan. to conduct a natural gas businessIndustrial Compressed (iCNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (iLNG) in Thailand have restructured the incumbentsNew shares after Shizuoka Gas transferred all 49% of TJN shares to Thai ST Energy Investment Company, an established business between Shizuoka Gas Company Limited (current shareholder) and Toho Gas Co. Ltd., a new partner The third largest from Japan in the natural gas business, whichexperience and expertiseMore than 100 years of expertise to come and supportDoing businessin Thailand to grow significantlyimportant

For TOHO GAS, the company operates the business of manufacturing, acquiring, building and selling related equipment.involved in natural gas and powerOther alternative positions and is considered a gas companyJapan’s third largest natural gas with a market cap of more than $2 billion and in 2021 total revenue of $4.18 billion

“TOHO Gas and Shizuoka Gas are both energy companies.Great Japanese work with potential and being a leader in the businessnatural gas Joins this investmentshow confidenceWe trust SCN as the iCNG leader and will play an important role in expanding our customer base.New customers on the area’s network.both partners until able to increaseOpportunity and potential to sell gasnatural gas in the countryThe company aims to haveSales doubled From the current sales of around 5,000 MMBtu per day to 10,000 MMbtu per day,” said Dr Rithy.

Although the investment is joint between the two Japanese companies this time. It’s a big collaboration.when entering the market in Japan and abroadin the country, especially the iCNG business in Thailand, because both companies are seen as a leader in business andGaining trust from customersBoth companies set those goalsis developing a business using Lu’s networkEvery customer plus modern technology plus the information they have access tohigher power consumption to strengthenfor the sales team to be able to penetrate the Thai marketeffective

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