Tonhom mentions that a man’s specifications must be rich! don’t want to build we must come over and walk together

Tonhom Sakuntala accepts the kind of man who is now, he must be rich! Fixed, people are not required to build themselves you must come along and can walk together

is another celebrity who has always used his voice to be a spokesperson for stray animals, poor animals, the latest (November 14) DJ Tonhom, Sakuntala Tienpairoj get upFRIENDS OF THE VOICE AWARD from Chic Chollada glory Along with giving an interview after the event about the announcement of looking for a guy who will become a boyfriend in the future you must come prepared don’t be a burden And would like to use this space to apologize to many friends who were touched because they weren’t invited to the birthday party.

latest birthday It’s not a big job, is it? “Birthday, let me talk about something that really bothers me. Hom is a person who doesn’t organize birthdays. Well, that day the theme was that I wanted to curry with friends. In fact, I wanted to be a fool and say that the event was not a big deal. That’s the theme of the Patcharapa Group walking the red carpet. but he is busy with the empty birthday of Bael, who is a big man. At first I thought that any problems will follow? In short, it really exists. be true friends We’re really sorry, Phitsanu Boy, we didn’t invite you. but with the fact that he knows that our birthday has come There will be some friends and Oh, we weren’t invited? as arrogant with Jiyeon he worked together Jiyeon has very few Thai friends and he loves us And the guest is to begin with. Tell him he didn’t invite? Hey, why didn’t he invite?

Has it been cleared yet? “Well, during this time, I called, but eh, why is the voice still there? Well, we didn’t talk about this. He said he was hurt because he didn’t invite him. Well, we have to say that it’s not really the intention to organize a birthday. It’s a waste of people who don’t celebrate birthdays, but if someone treats us, we take it and get a fern A fern is leave, we’re close. We know there are a few. We’ll let Jenny try to call Baifern. Jenny Call, go get it. But when he saw the fragrant face, he put it down and then it would look like this is Jenny Line (laughs) I don’t know if everyone understands or not, but I want to say here that Nid was Hom really planning to organize a birthday. Now let’s have a dinner meeting for all the friends. Tong Pakkaramai hasn’t said the same thing yet just met Well, understand it’s not a touch thing. because everyone has grown up Everyone also sent congratulatory messages. But deep resentment, eh, why weren’t we invited, we were close, many people, Tong, Pee Kae, Chollada Praew, everyone was very close.

Has everyone come to this event? “Yes, today we may have to talk about not planning to have a birthday party. Now let’s go eat.”

Or are we going to do it again? “It’s not wasted, because if it’s put together, it’s a lot of money because there are a lot of people. Who is right with who, I don’t know in our industry. Well, there are many groups of friends, so we don’t have to organize better. but that one wishes willingly to deceive friends, can be deceived, like Mother Fat, the air conditioner they will be full It was fun to see him wearing real diamonds to the fake diamond event (laugh).

Seen an advertisement looking for a young man Full specification package? “We want people who don’t have one, right? Fragrant to say, everyone wants that. But no one spoke. If you say it out loud, it doesn’t look good in the world. I smell that a woman’s specs change with her age. Choose one love, one heart, butNow it’s about stability. That is, in an age that does not bring itself to be built Put them together and do whatever you want. Must be ready and no time to learn Because in a few years we will have to change diapers. What do you have to talk about? I have this much How do you have so much? What will the future look like when meeting a man? I will ask how to set the future. (attack?) is the man who comes to us, he knows There will always be men that we will have the opportunity to talk to and have the opportunity to ask about each other’s goals. If the goals don’t fit together, that is, come together, it will be a waste of time. But in the end, we didn’t want to take his money. Just because you have money doesn’t mean I’ll take your money. Only fear that you will trouble us. We better not bother each other like this. That’s not what people will think, Ouch! Want rich people to take money in? But if you give, take it. Not to think that, well, give us money, but is it an insult to us ì No, take it, take it, but we have work to do. We don’t stop working anyway. because he was afraid that other people would get into trouble with us I mean, we’re at this age and we can’t take anyone with us. If you go, you must walk together.

That is, will it announce no charge? “Never pay. Seriously, men only get it on their birthdays. because we often give him only what he wants But if during the years, the man gives it (hand behind the ear), well, now I feel lonely, but it’s a little hard to choose. but if by supposing that Since we have many lessons in Fragrant love, I must say that Fragrant is a female version that is a very cute lover. Because we’ve learned a lot. If anyone gets this version Onion says it’s good. Well, it’s hot too. It hasn’t been used yet (laughs).

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