Top 10 Sites of “Well-known Soba Restaurants in Gifu Prefecture”! 1st place is “Ebisu Handmade Soba Premier Shop”[Argraffiad Medi 2022](1/5) | Netorabo research team

For those looking for recommended soba restaurants in Gifu Prefecture, we present the restaurants that were highly rated by users in September 2022.

It reflects the latest data, so use it when choosing a store. Let’s take a look at the best results.

* This ranking is based on Google word of mouth “user evaluation” and “number of word of mouth”.

In this article, Twitter defines “Grant of User Rights and Content RightsWe use tweets based on.

Number 2: Soba Kuratomi (4.4 points/106 reviews)

The second place is “Soba Kuratomi” in Kanamachi, Gifu City. The inside of the shop is counter only, and the atmosphere is quiet. We are proud of our special soba, which is bought once a year, stored at a low temperature, and only the amount used each day is ground by hand with a stone mill. Soba noodles are known for their fragrant and rich taste. In addition, it seems that creative menus using seasonal ingredients can appear.

No. 1: Ebisu Handmade Soba Main Store (4.4 points / 461 reviews)

The first place is “Ebisu Handmade Soba Main Shop”. This restaurant is located in the Important Preservation Area for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Takayama City. The “Kamo Nanban” menu, which is only available during the winter, uses wild ducks that have been hunted.

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