Top athlete Roelf B. sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment Inland

The two confessed to guilt on Monday morning and accepted a criminal proposal for eight and ten years respectively from the Public Prosecution Service. The lower court verdict. They can request release after two-thirds of their sentences, he said. After that they are not allowed to enter Hungary for four years.

The family present responded with relief to the sentence. According to Telegraaf reporter Marcel Vink, who is in court, one of them raised a clenched fist.


The two friends apologized earlier Monday. “I am a disciplined athlete. I did not realize the consequences of my action. But now I see it and I regret it very much, ”said B. in court. “I would like to apologize to Hungary for the suffering I have caused. I hope I get a chance to work on my future. ”

The suspects asked the court to treat them “humane”. They also made it clear that they wanted to serve their sentences in the Netherlands.

Gert-Jan N. said: “I hope to do more in return for society in the future. I want to apologize for the suffering I have caused. I really regret this and this was my first and last time. ”

B. and N. were caught during the big music festival with 6700 ecstasy pills and 20 kilos of joints, which they sold from their tent. They had 5000 printed price lists with telephone numbers on them.

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