Training in East Sea amid controversy between South Korea, US and Japan… ‘Nuclear submarine’ also unusually revealed

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Today, naval ships from South Korea, the United States, and Japan conducted a joint exercise in the high seas near Dokdo.

In the context of a series of North Korean provocations, the appearance of the US nuclear submarine that took part in the exercise was also unusually public.

Japanese ships are known to carry the Rising Sun flag and take part in the training.

Reporter Hong Eui-pyo will tell you about this.

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With the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan as the hub, Korean and Japanese ships cross the East Sea.

Following the United States, which mobilized Aegis cruisers and destroyers as well as nuclear carriers, the destroyer of the South Korean navy, Munmu the Great and Asahi of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force specialized in undersea warfare will follow.

Ahead, the US nuclear submarine Annapolis moves with its fuselage exposed.

It is highly unusual for the trip of a US nuclear submarine that hides its location to be revealed.

Assuming that the Annapolis was a North Korean submarine, the South Korean, US and Japanese navies conducted joint exercises to locate and track it.

[김열수/한국군사문제연구원 안보전략실장]

“The focus (of this exercise) is to respond to the North Korean nuclear threat through security cooperation between South Korea, the United States and Japan.”

Although it is difficult to identify from wide angle photos alone, it is known that the Asahi was trained with a self-defense flag called the ‘Faner yr Haul y Codi’.

Although this is the first military exchange between Korea and Japan in five years, some critics say Japan has more to gain.

[김정수/평화를여는여성회 대표]

“I am concerned about, and oppose, the provocative and dangerous exercise, especially the joint South Korea-US-Japan maritime military exercise near Dokdo.”

It is argued that Japan could use our advanced knowledge to detect North Korean missiles or participate in the intention to make Dokdo a disputed area.

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles yesterday in protest at the joint exercise, and has fired three missiles in the past five days.

It is assumed that the missile was fired from a mobile launcher while changing the location and time of the launch.

In particular, yesterday’s launch took place about two hours after the private plane carrying US Vice President Harris left Korea, breaking the custom of refraining from provocations before and after the high-profile US leader’s visit. status with Korea.

This is MBC News Hong Eui-pyo.

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