trend to save the world Clean Energy Fund, 10 months, accumulate 14 billion NAV

The trend of Green Energy, saving the environment, is another megatrend that is very important around the world. Because it can be seen that many countries around the world have come to support policies to reduce emissions. and campaigning for the use of renewable energy Including the aspect of investment For example, the fund is also used to establish a fund to support trends that will occur in the future.

Ms. Chayanee Jungmanon, Senior Analyst, Morningstar Research (Thailand) Co., Ltd. It was revealed that the current clean energy theme fund which ended in October 2022 has 27 mutual funds of all types, which are investment units. total net asset value, or The NAV is 14 billion baht. cash flowCumulative net issued for 10 months totaling 363 million baht

In Thailand, funds that invest in clean energy and renewable energy businesses, which are mainly invested in America and Europe. Investments are made in key sectors such as utilities, technology or industry. In terms of investment style, most focus on growth stocks. and can invest in stocks with different market caps that lead to different returns and risks, such as Thanachart Eastspring Global Green Energy Fund is the largest fund at over 7 billion baht. It is an investment that does not focus solely on growth or value stocks. It has a lower volatility component than other funds, similar to the Morningstar Global Market Index.

While TISCO New Energy Open Ended Fund invests in small cap stocks with high growth. This makes the fund more volatile than other funds in the past year, similar to the SCB Global Clean Energy Fund and New Transition Energy Fund V which invest in mid-sized stocks with high risk. the group.

sideelectric vehicle fundIt is often an investment in large stocks. It is in the group of manufacturers of electric cars, batteries, charging stations. They are often through ETFs and have a significant percentage of investments in Chinese companies. And mainly investing in electric vehicles followed by the battery group

The Unified Battery & EV Technology Fund, Asset Plus Future Power Supply & Mobility Fund and LH Smart Mobility Fund, cumulative type There is an investment in the Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF, a major US battery ETF as shown in the table above About a year ago, electric vehicle funds were considered to be relatively similar in terms of risk to clean energy funds. But it may have a slightly lower return.

For 8 Green Energy funds from 9 November 2022, namely:

1. Global Clean Energy Principal Open Ended Fund, 6 month return is 19.40%.

2. KWI Smart Energy Equity Fund, last 6 months return is 5.99%.

3. MFC Renewable Energy Fund, a type of general investor that receives dividends The return for the last 6 months is 0.89%.

4.Phillip China Green Energy and Environment Fund The return for the last 6 months is -2.89%.

5. Thanachart Eastspring Global Green Energy Fund, the return of the last 6 months is -7.28%.

6. TISCO New Energy Open-Ended Fund, the return of the last 6 months is -7.85%.

7. SCB Global Clean Energy Open-Ended Fund (Accumulation type), the return of the last 6 months is -9.63%.

8. Dao New Transition Energy Fund, the return of the last 6 months is -10.97%

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