Tristan Thompson wants Khloe Kardashian to move in with him “forever” – August 24, 2020

She told the reality star, “You know, I have my home in LA. I’d like you and True to stay there as long as you need them. And I’ll give you the keys and you can go to a party about – you, True and anyone else.” .

While Khloe said the offer was “really nice”, she questioned what would happen when he returned to Los Angeles after the basketball season, adding, “You don’t have an apartment so I can stay in your house. It’s, like , crazy. “

To which Tristan replied, “Mi casa, su casa … You could just live there forever.”

However, Khloe quickly shut it down, adding to the basketball star and her former partner: “‘Stop it. It’s not happening. Oh my god.”

Meanwhile, Khloe had previously confessed that she wished Tristan could have been as good to her in their relationship as he is to her now that they are apart.

In the short preview clip for E! reality show, which returns in full next month, Khloe can be seen saying to her ex-boyfriend and father of her son, True: “Why couldn’t you be like this when we were together?”

Khloe has been living with the basketball player amidst the current coronavirus pandemic so that she can spend time with her daughter.

And the reality star is said to be “incredibly happy” with Tristan.

A source said, “While Khloe tries to keep their relationship more private, she’s very much with Tristan. And she’s incredibly happy. They’re looking for a home together in Los Angeles to start over.”


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