Trump cancels party conference in Florida – Over 4 million infected people

United States President Donald Trump sets a new tone for the crown crisis. Now he has even canceled an important party convention in Florida. Previously, he had pushed for campaign events.

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Due to the rapid increase in the number of Corona cases in the United States, the nominated Republican Party conference scheduled for late August in Florida is being canceled. United States President Donald Trump said on Thursday in a press conference in the White House that it was not the right time to hold a “large and crowded party convention”.

Trump justified the cancellation with security considerations. “I could hear the media saying” Oh, it’s very dangerous, “said the president. It is delicate for the government to organize important events, while the population is urged to stay away. The government wants to” send a signal “with the cancellation.

Over 4 million recorded infections

Party events will be held “somehow online” in the coming weeks, Trump said. His official appointment for the Republican Party presidential candidate would come in a “short meeting” of delegates in North Carolina.

Initially, Trump was to be officially nominated as a Republican presidential candidate at the party convention in Jacksonville, Florida, August 24-27. In the southern state, crown numbers are rapidly rising again. Nationally, over four million cases of infection have been confirmed in the United States by Thursday.


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