TSM Treatz sub support exceeds 1,000 LP on Chinese super server

TSM replacement Erik “Treatz” Wessén hit the 1,000 LP milestone on the Chinese League of Legends server.

At the time of this result, he surpassed Bwipo, Fnatic’s top laner, by 10 LPs, taking first place on the Chinese super server of all League of Legends worlds participants. The second North American player is Santorin, the FlyQuest jungler, who has only 700 LPs and is ranked seventh among other professionals.

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Treatz began his professional career in 2015 and played for multiple teams over the span of three years. In December 2018, TSM acquired it for their Academy Roster. TSM won the Spring Split 2019 playoffs with a score of 3-1 against Cloud9’s Academy team. Following that dominant performance, Treatz was seen as one of the best supports in the NA Academy.

After a mediocre Summer Split in 2020, TSM brought Treatz off the Academy roster instead of Biofrost for the sixth week of the Summer Split. TSM recovered and won the Summer Split, but there was some indecision about the support situation before the playoffs. TSM tweeted that they would pick “the best player” for the upcoming LCS Summer Split playoff games, eventually bringing Biofrost back to Treatz.

Treatz lost in the Academy Finals to Cloud9, but overall he played well. Since then, he has joined TSM China’s main roster for this year’s World Championship, where he has been grinding his tail solo day and night.

He has achieved a 60 percent win rate with a total of 140 games in the past two weeks. He is currently the highest rated professional player on the Chinese server and tries to maintain dominance with his Pantheon plays.

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