TSMC’s September Revenue was 208.2 billion yuan, the second highest Q3 exceeded the standard and reached a new high | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Wafer foundry leader TSMC (2330-TW) (TSM-US) announced today (7) September revenue, benefiting from Apple’s (AAPL-US) new processor purchases, with revenue reaching 208.248 billion yuan. It continued to stand at the level of 200 billion yuan, but fell slightly by 4.5% from the previous month, with an annual increase of 36.4%, the second highest in one month, and also ended the record for two consecutive months; the revenue in the third quarter was 613.142 billion yuan , a quarterly increase of 14.8%, an annual increase of 47.85%, a new high level and better than the original financial forecast.

TSMC’s cumulative revenue in the first three quarters reached 1 trillion 638.359 billion yuan, an annual increase of 42.6%. In the third quarter, TSMC benefited from Apple’s new product injection. In addition, the NTD depreciated more than 6.7% against the US dollar in a single quarter. The depreciation exceeded TSMC’s original financial forecast of 29.7 yuan, by assist the NT dollar denominated profit and gross profit margin. Foreign investors expect that TSMC’s gross profit margin in the third quarter is expected to exceed the standard, break through the 60% mark and rewrite a new high, and will earn nearly one share capital.

However, TSMC’s main customer AMD (AMD-US) announced preliminary financial results after the market on Thursday (6th) Affected by the weaker-than-expected PC market and supply chain problems, it was estimated that only the US was the third quarter revenue. $5.6 billion, equivalent to The quarterly drop of 15% is much worse than expected, and the operation may even turn into a loss.

With the explosion of Super Micro’s financial report, and the fact that NVIDIA (NVDA-US) previously admitted that its operations in the third quarter were not as good as expected, the market believes that customer order momentum will TSMC under pressure in the fourth quarter and next year.

According to TSMC, the third quarter revenue is estimated to reach US$19.8-20.6 billion Calculated at an exchange rate of 1 US dollar to NTD 29.7, the revenue in NTD is approximately 588.06-611.82 billion, which corresponds to a quarterly increase of 10-14.5% Estimated at 57.5-59.5%, there is an opportunity to exceed the second quarter.

TSMC will hold a meeting next Thursday (13th), saying that in addition to announcing third-quarter earnings and forecasts, the market will focus on customer inventory adjustments, price increases, whether to reduce capital spending this year, and forecasts for next year.

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