Twin Falls weather whip lash approaching 20 degree temperature drops

This Labor Day weekend should be hot, really hot for Twin Falls and the Magic Valley. We are seeing near triple-digit heat over the long weekend. But then, just as Labor Day ends, it looks like autumn is starting.

On Saturday 5th September the forecast is for temperatures of 98 degrees, possibly even warmer depending on where you are. If you’re going to the Twin Falls County Fair, stay safe out there. Then on Sunday it gets a bit cooler with 91 degrees. Still warm enough but not terrible for the summer. It gets windy on Monday and highs around 82 degrees.

Then BAM in about 48 hours goes from triple-digit heat to 61 degrees to the maximum during the day and a minimum of 39 degrees. Basically he is saying that with Labor Day, summer is over. Not sure how permanent it will be with some forecast of 80-degree temperatures returning at the end of next week, but a huge drop in temperature is basically Mother Nature giving us a whiplash.

Okay though. I could use some time with the sweatshirt as COVID destroyed all hope of me with a summer body. On Wednesday, temperatures rise to 73 degrees and the wind blows away a bit. Wind is a huge sign of falling. Sure it’s windy all year round here, but we have windy conditions almost every day next week.


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