Two people died of coronavirus Inland

One of the two died on Sunday. The other patient died in early April, but this has only now been reported. The death toll had remained the same on Sunday. It was the second time in months that RIVM had no new deaths to report.

Three people have been hospitalized. That happened to one of them last Saturday. The other two were already hospitalized in early April, but this has only just been processed. The total number of hospital admissions since the start of the outbreak is now 11,874. On June 8, exactly three weeks ago, more than five people were last admitted to hospital in one day.

Coronavirus has been diagnosed in 78 people. That total has now increased to 50,223. The actual number is probably higher because not everyone has been tested for the virus. This means that the actual death toll is probably also higher.

Since 1 June, every Dutch citizen with complaints can have himself tested for the corona virus. In the first week that this was possible, almost 59,000 people did this. In the following two weeks, the number of tests was above 60,000. The interest has declined, because last week, in the fourth week of extensive testing, more than 52,000 corona tests were carried out. The tests also reveal fewer and fewer corona cases. In the first week, 2.1 percent of the tests were positive, last week, 0.7 percent of all people tested had the coronavirus among the members.

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