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Original title: Chinese player Wang Xiaojing stopped in the women’s UFO multi-directional semi-final at the UFO World Championships

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 29 (Reporters Niu Mengtong, Wang Meng) According to the official website of the International Shooting Sports Federation, in the International Shooting Federation UFO World Championships held on the 28th local time in Osijek, Bulgaria, the American player Mayne and won French players Comenil men’s and women’s UFO multi-directional championships, and China’s Wang Xiaojing stopped in the women’s UFO multi-directional semi-finals.

A total of 16 qualifications for the Paris Olympics will be distributed at these World Championships. The top four men’s and women’s multi-directional UFO and men’s and women’s two-way UFO will qualify for Olympic seats.

In the preliminary match of the women’s multi-directional competition, Wang Xiaojing was tied with the champion Comenil at 119. After the extra match, Wang Xiaojing came in second with 2 to 1 and went on to the semi-finals. – finals. In the semi-final, Wang Xiaojing came third in this group with a score of 20 and missed the opportunity to advance to the final. Comenil won the gold medal in 31 of the finals, with players from Spain, Slovakia and Australia taking second to fourth place.

In the men’s multi-directional competition, Qi Ying, Guo Yuhao and Yu Haicheng from the Chinese team were ranked 21st, 48th and 66th respectively in the qualifying round and missed the semi-finals. In the final, the American player Mayne won the championship with an outstanding performance of 33, and won tickets to the Paris Olympics together with players from the United Kingdom, Chinese Taipei and India.

Since the beginning of the Paris Olympic cycle, the number of UFO events for the ISAF World Cup has increased from 5 Olympic events to 10. Among them, men and women are multi-directional, men and women are two-way, and two – mixed team road at the Paris Olympic events.

The men’s and women’s two-way competition will take place on October 9.

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