Uhm Jung-hwa “I made a difficult decision to appear in ‘Hidden Singer 7’… I’m overcoming thyroid cancer, but I’m scared”

picture explanationUhm Jung-hwa from ‘Hidden Singer 7’. Picture | JTBC

Singer and actress Uhm Jung-hwa revealed her feelings after admitting to thyroid cancer on a TV show.

On the 29th, Uhm Jung-hwa posted a trailer for JTBC’s ‘Hidden Singer 7’ on her Instagram with the caption, “It was a very difficult decision to appear as a Hidden Singer. As you know, I had a lot of difficulties with an injury to my throat and I’m still getting through it.” he did

Uhm Jung-hwa said, “On the day of ‘Hidden Singer’ recording, thank you to my colleagues, friends, and younger children who shared my worries with laughter and love.

That was the day I was touched and loved,” he said. “I also realized a lot of meaning. During this recording, I decided that I would never shed tears, but the result is exactly what you expected.”

The article ended by saying, “Please find my voice in the song you and I were together at that time. I love you.”

Colleagues cheered for Uhm Jung-hwa’s ‘Hidden Singer 7’ notice.

Singer Kang Min-kyung and actresses Chun Woo-hee and Kim Hye-eun cheered by leaving comments like “Wow, I’m already ripped”, “He’s cool, older”, and “I’ll definitely see you.”

Netizens also raised their expectations, saying, “Your sister is always very cool,” “Your voice gets better the older you get”, “Shoot the live broadcast”, and “I want to see you soon.”

Celebrating 30 years since her debut, Uhm Jung-hwa will appear as the original singer of ‘Hidden Singer 7’, which will be broadcast on the 30th. In a recent recording, he expressed his honest feelings by saying, “I’m in the process of overcoming this, and I’m very scared,” along with the surprising concern that I hadn’t been able to sing for a long time after having surgery. for thyroid cancer 10 years ago.

The ‘Hidden Singer’ series is a new conceptual music program where a song competition between a singer representing Korea and an ‘imitation talent’ who can perfectly digest the singer’s voice and singing style develops.

It is broadcast every Friday at 8:50pm.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung-hwa recently appeared in the TV drama ‘Our Blues’. Currently, filming for the new drama ‘Doctor Cha Jeong-suk’ has started. ‘Doctor Cha Jeong-suk’ is a work that draws a story that focuses on a family medicine doctor.

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