UK coronavirus live: doctors warn of the impact of the second wave on NHS News from the world

This government’s reckless behavior in ignoring a legally required vital security phase, known as data protection impact assessment (DPIA), has endangered public health. We have an illegal “beat the world” test and tracking program.

A crucial element in the fight against the pandemic is mutual trust between the public and the government, which is compromised by their functioning of the program without basic privacy guarantees. The government bears responsibility for the consequences for public health.

The testing and tracking program is essential to facilitate the blockade and revive the economy. The ICO should have acted but did not. We were forced to threaten judicial review to ensure that people’s privacy was protected.

The ICO and parliament must ensure that tests and traces work safely and lawfully. Since we have already seen individual contractors share patient data on social media platforms, emergency corrective measures will have to be taken.


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