Ukraine recaptures the key eastern city of Lehman in a day after Russia’s annexation declaration

photo credit: Yonhap News

Ukraine has successfully recaptured Liman, the gateway city north of the eastern province of Luhansk, on the 1st local time, Reuters reported, citing a Ukrainian military spokesman.

“We are already in Lehman,” Serhi Cherevati, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Eastern Army, told Reuters. “But the fight still goes on.”

On the morning of the same day, a spokesman for Cherevati, who had informed that Ukrainian forces had surrounded Russian forces in Lehman, said that they had successfully entered Lehman in just a few hours.

The chief of staff posted to the President of Ukraine a video of two Ukrainian soldiers smiling and placing a Ukrainian flag on a city sign that reads ‘Leeman’.

One of the soldiers in the video said, “On October 1, we spread the flag and put it on our land.” “Leeman will become Ukraine.”

Russian news agency Rianovosti, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, said Russian troops had withdrawn from the base in Lehman.

Lehman is a transport hub located on the road to Lisichansk and Severodonetsk, the core cities of northern Luhansk Oblast. Ukraine, which recaptured Kharkiv last month, has continued to fight Russia in Lehman, a gateway city to move on to Luhansk Oblast.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporiza and Kherson the day before and signed an agreement annexing the region to Russia.

Ukraine intensified its offensive for territorial recovery regardless of the Russian annexation agreement, and managed to plant the Ukrainian flag in Lehman a day after the declaration of Russian annexation.

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