Unarmed man killed by Duluth police lawyers as investigations continue

DULUTH, Minnesota – A lawyer in Duluth now represents the unarmed man killed by Duluth police over the weekend during a domestic assault call.

Attorney Andrew Poole sent a letter to local news outlets Thursday saying Jared Fyle, 23, of Duluth “is lucky to still be alive” after being shot in the shoulder by police while standing behind the door of his locked apartment. on block 100 of West First Street.

Preliminary Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigation concluded that no shots were fired from inside the apartment and no firearms were recovered even though officers reported hearing gunshots before Officer Tyler Leibfried fired. with his weapon.

Investigators say a hatchet was just inside the door.

The two-paragraph letter ended by saying that Fyle “… hopes this incident will further our collective conversation about proper police response, training and reform.”

Fyle’s attorney hasn’t said if a lawsuit is pending against the city of Duluth for the shooting.

Fyle is recovering at home and is not charged with any crime at this time.

Officer Leibfried is on standard paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation by the BCA, the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office and finally the Duluth Police Department.

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