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Underrated Podcasts: Good lesser known podcasts to listen to now


For when you’re trying to kill time with something new.

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Podcasts were the thing I and so many others listened to on my way to work, but now they mean so much more to me. When I’ve exhausted all my streaming efforts on Netflix, I have hours of episodes on my podcast app that I can listen to without being tied to the couch. If I’m feeling down for the current weather, I can take a walk and enjoy some laughs from one of my favorite comedians. If you’re looking to mix up your podcast routine, here are seven podcasts you may not know about, but you should.

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You are wrong

The hosts, former reporters Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes, shed light on topics you think you know all the details about but these two prove you wrong. Did you want to deepen the OJ Simpson test? Well, they have a ten-part series that walks you through it, learning new details about Kato Kaelin, Marcia Clark, and Nicole Brown Simpson. Do you think Jessica Simpson is just her “sea hen” moment? Marshall reads Simpson’s memoirs to unearth all the details you never thought you would need to know to reshape your opinion of her. These two push our collective assumptions about social ills like homelessness, to historical figures like Marie Antoinette and much more.

Harlem Queen

This incredible audio drama will have you hooked after just one episode. This is the story of Stephaine St. Clair, the Harlem Renaissance “Queen of Numbers”. Yhane Smith, the writer and producer of this series, transports you to the 1920s where Stephaine St. Clair meets all kinds of realistic historical characters: activist Marcus Garvey, mafia boss Lucky Luciano and poet Langston Hughes, for name a few. Things continue to heat up in season two as Stephaine’s daughter faces some hard facts about her identity. This audio drama has it all: the mafia, the murder, the kidnapping, with all episodes under 15 minutes.

FOH with Kelly Sullivan and Lillian DeVane

Restaurant workers, this podcast is for you. Plus, if you’ve never worked in the service industry, this is the podcast for you too. These nice ladies talk about all the restaurants, from a famous celebrity who visits DeVane at work and orders a porterhouse steak, without utensils, to what New York Times the food critic introduces himself. As industry veterans, Sullivan and DeVane – and their friends – have witnessed the entire spectrum of horrific restaurant / service experiences.

Where to start?

Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel, author of Mating in captivity, speaks to couples about the challenges in their relationships as a 2020 version of Dr. Ruth. Perel’s insights into how to deal with everyday challenges and find a common language for your partnership are captivating. He has a way of listening and empathizing, honing the real problems the couple faces and helping them to overcome whatever the problem is, from a person’s struggle to convince their family not to hate their life partner, to the spouse who cheating or how to deal with your relationship in isolation. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, there is wisdom to be taken from this podcast.

Puddles with Andrew Collin

Puddle Boy, aka Andrew Collin, hosts this fun podcast where he interviews other comedians, such as Nicki Glaser, Heather McMahan, and Tim Dillon. Collin’s outspoken, conversational style of interviewing harks back to a larger celebrity interview podcast you’ve surely heard before (er, WTF), and her self-deprecation – “You shouldn’t learn English from me,” stating that she knows all of them. the three hundred words – relax the room. If you follow Collins on Instagram, he often holds an IG Live dating show. You could go out with Andrew Collins! He may only know three hundred words, but he’ll use each one to make you laugh.

You have to remember that

Karina Longworth loves old Hollywood, and after listening to a few episodes of this podcast, you will too. Karina is dedicated to finding the secrets and forgotten stories of the first century of Hollywood. With 169 episodes to date, there’s a lot of old Hollywood to love – from Howard Hughes creating what we now know as the first blockbuster of the sound age to a seven-part series about Marilyn Monroe. This incredibly well-researched podcast gives you a wealth of information and fun facts about how Hollywood has become what it is today.

This is really happening

This podcast explores the human experience through a thematic first-person narrative. Each episode asks a rhetorical question (not so) – for example, “What if your mother was killed by a serial killer?” or “What if you’ve suffered a shocking loss?” This highly engaging and exciting podcast will have you listening for hours.

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Jocelyne O’Toole is a Brooklyn-based actor, writer, and comedian.


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