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Specially broadcast by Tencent Video and produced by Guangzhou Baiman Culture Communication Co, Ltd, the 3D martial arts animation “Peerless Double Pride” was launched, adapted from the classic novel of the same name and written by Gu Long, today. The official release of the launch poster and the release of episodes 1, 2, and 3 of the feature film at the same time. The story of Jianghu Mr. Gu Long, the master of martial arts novels, was shown in animation for the first time, by awakening. the “Martial Arts Dream” in the hearts of generations.

Helping the legacy of a chivalrous spirit from generation to generation to awaken the feelings of martial arts

The “Peerless Double Pride” animation launched today is quite interesting. The first two episodes of the premiere narrated the tragic childhood of Xiaoyuer and Hua Wuque from a dual perspective. At the same time, they presented the grievances and grievances of the two generations of martial arts, and the disputes between parties such as the Valley of the Evil People in Yihua Palace The two brothers first entered the arena, and the first clash after that can be described as the biggest highlight of the first performance. Jianghu’s classic forces in the novel “Ten Evil Men” and “Twelve Astrological Signs” made an impressive appearance, and a lot of ingenuity was added to the shape design and detail illustration, which is unforgettable. The relaxed plot and the rich and vivid heroes of the rivers and lakes bring a refreshing viewing experience to the Guoman audience.

What is worth mentioning is that the theme song is quite attentive using the theme song “Happiness First” from the 1999 TV series “Peerless Double Pride”, and invited the well-known singer Hu Xia to sing it. While bringing a lot of great memory, it also injects new ideas for remakes, paying tribute to the classics with music.

Mr. Gu Long’s first full martial arts novel “Peerless Double Pride” has a special significance in the martial arts culture. Unlike the individual heroism of the West, martial arts is one of the long-standing Chinese hero culture cards. The original work of Peerless Shuangjiao has had many film and television adaptations since its publication, so that every generation has their own feelings of “Peerless Shuangjiao” in their hearts. As the first animated adaptation of Gulong’s IP, the 3D animated version of “Peerless Double Arrogance” uses the language of the new era that Generation Z loves to speak with. It is expected to become a classic martial arts animation work that accompanies their growth in the minds of young people, and always runs through the story of Gulong martial arts. The three ideological cores of “love”, “belief” and ” “transcendent” also helps guide young people to establish correct and positive values.

A well-made and resourceful film-level team guarantees quality

The animation production team of “Peerless Double Pride” is full of materials: the popular animation “Journey to the West” production company Guangzhou Baiman Culture, the score Douban 9.2 director Peng Qingzheng, the director “Chinese Choir”, along with “The Wandering Earth” 》 The concept art of the scene provided by the Niandong Culture art team, the affectionate voice acting of the well-known dubbing team 729 Sound Workshop, and the film-level team configuration provide a guarantee for animation quality.

While referencing the original work, the character design also made breakthroughs in line with the art form of animation. In the animation, Xiao Yu’er’s free and unrestrained dress and quirky demeanor are in stark contrast to the flimsy white clothes and frosty flowers, reflecting the twins’ different personalities; thin and long” and “pale face”, and has designed and red hair very recognizable by its cruel and murderous features.

At the same time, the animation has also shaped in detail the rivers and lakes such as the Yihua Palace, the Valley of the Devils and the Twelve Stars. For example, the “Twelve Astrological Signs”, a group of evil bandits in the rivers and lakes, all their bandit exercises are closely related to the imitative zodiac animals. In character design, martial arts action and voiceover interpretation, the corresponding animal characteristics is reflected vividly.

The main creator also added many “organs, deformation” settings to the design of the weapons in the standard of traditional swords and sticks. In addition to the usual back and forth movements in the battle scene, the weapon changes also brought a lot of freshness to martial arts. Exploring the thousands of rivers and lakes, and seeing all the magic tricks, “Peerless Double Pride” animation has created a dense, three-dimensional and interesting “thousand-faced rivers and lakes” by giving rich details.

The appearance of a new carrier Gulong IP marks the new trend of the Chinese comics market

With the exception of treasure troves of literature such as Journey to the West and Romance of the Gods, domestic animation rarely uses classic martial arts works as the creative soil. In recent years, martial arts themed animations such as “Painting the Bad Guys” series, “Dartman” and “Peerless Double Arrogance” which have appeared in the domestic animation market one after another have brought martial arts culture in gradually to the vision of the younger generation, and at the same time has improved the national comics market, the richness of the subject matter. As the derivative work of Gulong IP’s first animation, the animation “Peerless Double Pride”, with high-quality filming and careful editing, allows Guoman’s audience to appreciate the charm of the classic martial arts IP, and also makes the audience have a higher . expectations for adapting other Gulong martial arts IP animations.

The animation “Peerless Double Pride” has now been broadcast exclusively on the entire Tencent Video network. One episode is updated every Monday at 10:00 am, and VIPs are the first to watch two episodes. Let’s see how the Yuhua brothers who have just entered the rivers and lakes are all-powerful and fight against the heroes!

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