Up to 39 energy savings using LED bulbs

It has been shown that if every household in Korea changes just one high efficiency LED (light emitting diode) light bulb per household, annual cost savings of 17.6 billion can be achieved. As a result of evaluating 12 LED bulb products with high consumer preference, the Korea Consumer Agency said, “Up to 39% energy can be saved by replacing one low light efficiency LED bulb (80lm/W) with a high efficiency (131lm/W) product.” published. The test products are 12 LED bulbs including Namyoung LED, No Brand, Dooyoung Lighting, Lumian, Bungbangpyo, Focus, OSRAM, Onreprice, Longevity Lamp, Philips, Homeplus Signature, and GE.

It was analyzed that if 22 million homes across the country were replaced with high efficiency LED bulbs, an annual energy cost of 17.6 billion would be saved. 47 kt (kilotons) of carbon emissions can also be reduced, and power consumption reduced by 110 GWh.

In terms of light efficiency, which shows light brightness per power consumption, Homeplus Signature and GE brand products were relatively better. In the flicker evaluation, which checks the degree of flicker, the OSRAM and Philips products scored relatively high. When a light bulb was used, the color rendering index, which shows how similar an object’s color was to natural light, was all good. Most of the lifetime performance was excellent, but it was confirmed that Lumian products did not meet the standards.

Reporter Jang Kang-ho [email protected]

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