Urvashi Sissy Nadirsha said that there are jokes injected into Keshu, AC Comedy can be cast in the film.

Urvashi Chechi said there are jokes injected in Keshu, AC comedy can be cast in the film: Nadirsha

Directed by Nadirsha, Dileep starred in the film Keshu Ee Dimina Nathan. Urvashi, Naslan, Kalabhavan Shajon and others also played lead roles in the film. The film was released as a comedy entertainer and was heavily criticized for its comedy. In an interview with Mirchi Malayalam, Nadirsha says that there are comedies injected into Keshu.

There was a huge uproar saying that there was a joke inserted in the film Kesu Ee Dim Nathan. There are jokes injected into that film. Can’t say no. A joke used to be told in our circle of friends. In the past, we used to laugh a lot when we were asked if we want to install AC.

When this joke was told on location, Urvashi Chechi said, let’s put it in the film. Told my sister that these are things that have been said in the past. Urvashi chechi says no Nadirsha, we have not heard this, we will laugh if we say this, if my character says it is right.

After that Pisharadi told this joke on some channel. The film comes out after those clips go viral. By then, it became impossible to cut and dispose of it. Everyone was digging us for a few days saying AC problem. As some dialogues are quoted in many films, AC came in our film.

When Dileep and I team up, people never expect a film like Akash Doot. They think they’ll get a few laughs. Because in the past, our combination was seen as Maveli Kombat. It is believed that a film with that flavor should come. We needed a film that would make such a splash,’ says Nadirsha.

Eso is Nadirsha’s upcoming film. Jayasuriya is playing the lead role in the film which will release on October 5.

Content highlights: Nadirsha says there are comedies injected into Keshu eg veedinte nadhan

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