US aircraft carrier returns to East Sea again … re-sorted by North Korean missiles

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After North Korea’s provocation of an intermediate-range ballistic missile, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is in turmoil.

The US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, which left after completing joint exercises in the East Sea, scrambled again to the East Sea.

The three countries are strengthening cooperation, and the United Nations Security Council has decided to hold an emergency meeting soon.

Correspondent Kim Su-jin reports from Washington.

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The US nuclear aircraft carrier, the Reagan, has blitzed to the Korean Peninsula.

I was on my way back from the South Korea-US maritime drill at the end of last month after completing the South Korea-US-Japan trilateral exercise, but it is very unusual to turn the nose and re-sort.

The Reagan, known as a ‘mobile military base’ as it has more than 80 aircraft, including fighter jets and aerial early warning aircraft, will hold a trilateral joint exercise tomorrow with the Navy South Korea and Japan Maritime Self-Defense. Force.

[김준락/합참 공보실장]

“It shows the determination of the ROK-US alliance to respond firmly to any provocations and threats from North Korea.”

Fighters were also launched over Korea and Japan.

ROK fighter jets and the US Air Force dropped direct strikes in the West Sea and conducted precision bombing drills, and the US Marine Corps and the Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces conducted readiness checks over Kyushu.

[패트릭 라이더/미국 국방부 대변인]

“It is a training exercise to demonstrate the deterrence and offensive capabilities of the alliance and demonstrate the interoperability of the United States.”

President Biden made a direct phone call with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida to discuss countermeasures.

In particular, Prime Minister Kishida expressed his desire to cooperate with South Korea in the field of security after the call.

As the trilateral cooperation between South Korea, the United States and Japan has been strengthened against North Korea’s provocations, the United Nations Security Council held an open meeting to discuss the issue of North Korea.

However, in a situation where additional sanctions are difficult due to opposition from China and Russia, concerns are growing that North Korea is heading for its seventh nuclear test.

[해리 카지아니스 /미국 싱크탱크 ‘불량국가 프로젝트’ 대표]

“China and Russia have bad relations with the United States, so Kim Jong-un knows this is an opportunity. He can do whatever he wants without repercussions.”

The United States has said it remains open to dialogue with North Korea.

However, there is no idea of ​​dialogue at all, and the Korean Peninsula is headed for a clash between the great rivers.

This is Kim Soo-jin from MBC News from Washington.

Video commentary: Park Ji-yoon / Video editing: Jo Ki-beom

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