US non-farm payrolls added more than expected in September, US stock index futures fell together |

The US Labor Department announced on Friday (7th) that non-agricultural employment in September was 263,000, above market expectations of 250,000, but below the previous value of 315,000. The unemployment rate in September was 3.5%, below the market expected 3.7%, down from 3.7% in August Data showed that the US jobs market is quite strong.

September non-farm payrolls report:

  • Non-agricultural employment reported 263,000, expected 250,000, the previous value of 31.5
  • Unemployment rate at 3.5%, expected 3.7%, the previous value of 3.7%
  • Average weekly hours reported 34.5 hours, expected 34.5 hours, previous value 34.5 hours
  • The average annual growth rate of hourly wages was reported at 5%, expected 5.1%, the previous value of 5.2%
  • The average monthly growth rate of hourly wages was reported at 0.3%, expected at 0.3%, and the previous value at 0.3%
  • The labor force participation rate was reported at 62.3%, expected at 62.4%, and the previous value at 62.4%

After the report was released, US stock index futures fell in the short term, with Nasdaq Composite futures down nearly 1.1%, S&P 500 futures down 0.5%, and Dow Jones industrial futures down 0.3%.

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