USA: Biden wins primary in Arizona, Florida and Illinois

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Biden wins the primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona

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US Primaries: Match suspended due to coronavirus?

In the primary obscured by the coronavirus crisis, Joe Biden clearly wins. Rival Bernie Sanders must now decide whether to stay in the race or give up.

Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in Arizona, Florida and Illinois. For his rival Bernie Sanders, there’s almost no way he can run for president.

D.Former Vice President Joe Biden won all three primaries held on Tuesday in the states of Arizona, Florida and Illinois against his rival Bernie Sanders, according to US broadcasters projections. This takes him a big step towards the appointment.

A duel between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the US presidential election in November is becoming increasingly likely. With victories in three states, the former US vice president has increased his lead over rival Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. A total of 219 delegate votes are cast in Florida, 155 in Illinois, 67 in Arizona. Sanders is under increasing pressure to exit the race and to clarify at least this point in times of Corona crisis.

Towards the end of election day on Tuesday, Sanders did not make specific statements about his further plans. Instead, he stressed how important it is that in times like these all and every worker receive their own salary. However, Biden already looked like the fight against Sanders was already over. He and his followers have fought with remarkable passion and tenacity over issues such as affordable health care and action against climate change, Biden said in a live stream. “So let me tell the young voters that they were inspired by Senator Sanders, I understand you.”

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Also in Ohio should be voted on Tuesday. Due to the spread of the corona virus, the health authority ordered at short notice to keep polling stations closed. It is unacceptable to expose voters and election officials to the risk of infection during such a health crisis, Governor Mike DeWine wrote on Twitter to explain why. While President Donald Trump is almost certain to be a new candidate with the Republicans, with the Democrats it is a question of whether Biden or Sanders will challenge Trump.


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