Users found 4K resolution videos on YouTube, starting to be restricted to Premium members, currently only available to some people.

A Twitter user called out @sondesix discovered that some YouTubers are being locked out of their 4K resolution videos. Only after the account has been upgraded to YouTube Premium.

However, many YouTubers report that they are not limited to upgrading. YouTube Premium to watch 4K videos, including from personal account verification. It was found that it can still watch 4K video normally, so it is possible that the system is in the testing phase.

Even watching videos in 4K is not very popular with the general audience. Because it requires a lot of space on the internet And downloads are obviously longer than 2K or 1080p images, but of course, if users love to watch videos in very high resolution. We have to wait and see if YouTube will lock 4K resolution in the future or not.

Source: Alvin

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