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Safia Javed (16) and Sonam (17) win laurels for overcoming physical challenges and adversities in order to score high percentages in the UP Board exams, the results of which were announced on Saturday. Safia, who has suffered from a serious lung disease for five years, presented for class 10 exams with an oxygen cylinder attached to her body.

She got 69 percent of the points. Safia, the eldest of the three siblings, has weak lungs and requires regular oxygen support. She has been in bed for several months. Safia’s father, Sarvar Javed, who works in a private company in Noida, has taken time off from work to be with his daughter during her exams.

“My daughter’s medical condition started after gallbladder surgery. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She underwent treatment in a private facility and showed signs of improvement but later we have learned that she had pulmonary tuberculosis. Her lungs were often filled with water and she had to undergo preventive treatment. She is being treated at a district hospital and doctors have asked to keep her on oxygen regularly, “said Sarvar .

“I am proud of my daughter. She studied during her illness and was determined to take the exams,” he said. Meanwhile, Sonam, who passed Class 12 exams with 78% marks, is only three feet tall. Sonam had a brain tumor that was removed eight years ago in 2012. His size has been affected due to the disease. She is still on treatment and suffers from severe attacks of headache and fainting.

Sonam said, “Unlike other students, I can’t study for a long time. If I study for long hours or take the pressure of studying, it causes headaches. I’m still on treatment for the pain. It was hard to study for the board exams but I did it. ” She wants to take medical courses and one day become a doctor.

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