“Vaccine Ticket” calls for tightening the questioning of today’s legislators against the original intent of the legislation

“Vaccine Ticket” calls for tightening the questioning of today’s legislators against the original intent of the legislation

The “vaccine passport” measures in Hong Kong have been tightened today, including two doses of the new crown vaccine for children aged 5 to 11. The Secretary of the Civil Service, Yang Ho Pei Yin, said that around 50,000 children between the ages of 5 and 11 are currently not vaccinated. However, Legislative Council member Jiang Yuhuan questioned the new measures, which may be contrary to the original intent of the “vaccine access” legislation, and the government said the relevant factors had been fully considered.

From now on, children between the ages of 5 and 11 need to take two shots or the first shot is less than 3 months old before they can meet the requirements of the “vaccination ticket”, and the vaccination requirements are for children who have been reinstated the same thing. as adults. The government has added 4 new crown vaccination stations from today. Among them, Lai Chi Kok Park has been set up in the form of containers. Yang He Beiyin said that the same type of vaccination stations will be set up in the future in places with more crowds, and the next one will be Wong Tai Sin Plaza.

Jiang Yuhuan: I have not seen that the government has the right to abolish “needleless paper”

In tightening the requirements, Jiang Yuhuan, who has heard about the ordinance, asked in an interview with this newspaper whether the new arrangement still meets the premise stated in Chapter 599L of the law, that is , to prevent or counter new outbreaks or spread. coronary pneumonia, as well as mitigating the impact of new coronary pneumonia Factors such as the need to influence social or economic activities encourage the authorities to clarify the legal basis and data of the policy, whether it meets the premise, etc. and reiterated that Hong Kong is a society governed by the rule of law.

The Medical and Health Office replied that the measures are aimed at reinforcing social anti-epidemic barriers, reducing the risk of serious death, preventing the medical system from being overloaded, and allowing citizens to resume normal life and social and economic activities in an orderly manner. . At the same time, the measures can prevent people who have not received all injections from going to higher risk places and reduce the risk of infection. Jiang Yuhuan criticized that the measures did not take into account the current number of cases. “No matter how many thousands of cases it goes, it will limit people’s freedom, and it has to go all the way down.” He said bluntly that if he had known about the development of the ordinance, he would have opposed it that day.

Jiang Yuhuan described the government’s statement as completely unconditional, and also pointed out that there was no law that gave the government the power to rescind the exemption letters issued by the seven private doctors involved in abuse “needleless paper”. The Medical and Health Office pointed out that because the government had reasonable grounds to suspect that the “needle-free paper” had been published without complying with Department of Health guidelines, it did not meet the legal requirements .

6 more doctors at United Hospital have been diagnosed

As for the epidemic, 4,269 new cases were confirmed and five more deaths yesterday. Six other doctors at United Hospital’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma have confirmed the diagnosis, and some non-urgent services will need to be adjusted. In addition, the two confirmed cases were found guilty of breaching the quarantine order and went out.

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