Vanessa Zambotti tests positive for Covid-19

The multiple Mexican medalist in judo, Vanessa Zambotti, announced that she tested positive for the Covid-19, which makes her one more member of the national sports community that contracts this disease.

I tested positive for Covid-19. I feel good, I am calm and at home; with no major symptoms other than fever and discomfort. I have the support of people close to my life, both family and work, friends and friends. I tried to quarantine for three weeks“said the retired athlete.

Zambotti He maintained that the examination was carried out by a private laboratory and that it was precisely there that the new coronavirus outbreak was detected. The athlete did not specify where she could contract it.

I have tried to contact the government to notify them of my case but I have not been successful since in the covid line it is only to register new cases“he added.

Zambotti becomes the fourth member of the Mexican sports community that is infected by Covid 19. Before, the pentathlete Sick Mariana Arceo, the president of Liga MX, fell ill. Enrique Bonilla and the president of Atlético de San Luis Alberto Marrero.

Both Arceo, Bonilla and Marrero recovered from the disease.

Zambotti won medals in Panamerican Games and Central Americans of the Caribbean, although he could not get on the podium at the Olympic Games.

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