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This summer, holidaymakers on the Ērgļi side will have the opportunity to use boats made of transparent material, informs the provider of this service Māris Olte.

Within the framework of the LEADER project, 6 double boats were purchased in July last year, which are made of transparent material with LED light equipment, which provides an opportunity to use them not only during the day, but also on night trips. The boat material will allow you to watch the underwater world of Latvia’s lakes, expand guided tours of underwater nature and other related topics.

Upon request, the supply and use of inventory will be provided not only in the Vecmuiža lake near the former Ērgļi railway station complex, but also in other partnership lakes of the Madona District Foundation.

The boats to Ērgļi have left the USA. They have been purchased to make the tourism offer special and different. “The idea arose because the Latvian State Forests had built a rest area and footbridge from the nearby Vecmuiža lake from Ērgļi station, and the lake has shallow but clear water. A good way to draw public attention to the eutrophic – overgrown lake. Education as an added value , “says M. Olte.

He points out that the original boats could be designed for shallow saltwater lagoons. This is also evidenced by the bluish spectrum of boat LED lighting. Freshwater usually has warmer colored lights.

The main target audience of the service will be all residents of Latvia who do not exceed 200 kilograms in total weight.

M. Olte points out that the biggest advantages of these boats are the possibility to lose the boundary wall between the water and the boatman. If additional lights are used, you can watch the fish and the underwater world well. Opportunity to enjoy the party of Vecpiebalga during the flowering of water lilies literally at the bottom.

Minus – you have to ride without shoes, because the boat’s unique experience lies in not scratching it, be careful in operation.

According to M.Olte, boats are special in that they allow to visually understand every rowing movement, how it affects movement, as well as there are no such places elsewhere in Latvia.

The boats will be available both at the former Ērgļi railway station and at larger events, where you can travel with them several times in a shorter period of time, as well as for smaller groups of people, when you can dine in peace at night or during the day. For such groups, the owners of Ērgļi railway station offer guided rides, a story about what can be seen and possibly will be able to see.

“We are thinking of creating an offer for romantic couples, weddings as well. Such a trip would be equally useful when implementing a match or some other wedding tradition. We can also” turn on the music “according to the” Sound of the Lake “principle. We plan such unique events in a timely manner and fully “comments M. Olte.

DB has already written that several years ago, host and nature researcher Māris Olte bought the former Ērgļi railway station for 6,000 euros to make it a place that can be visited by tourists.

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