Viral Disease Diagnosis Market | The latest technological innovations during COVID-19 drive the growth of the market

As COVID-19 continues to affect the global population, diagnosing the novel coronavirus for speedy recovery has become the need of the moment. Therefore, the COVID-19 pandemic could prove to be a growth accelerator for the viral disease diagnosis market. Viruses, including coronaviruses, are tiny organisms made up of genetic material, DNA or RNA. The diagnosis of viral disease is significant in alleviating the risk of a pandemic. Diagnosis helps identify viral pathogens to monitor and apply the therapy needed for treatment and to prevent further transmission of the disease.

New technologies are born for rapid COVID-19 diagnosis

To enable rapid analysis of COVID-19, assay makers and researchers are developing several new techniques. For example, South Korea was able to contain coronavirus cases thanks to timely and rapid testing with the Allplex 2019-nCoV Assay, a test kit from a Seoul-based biotech company, Seegene. Due to rapid tests, South Korea recorded 10284 cases and thanks to early diagnosis, 6598 patients were successfully cured. Therefore, it ultimately led to a flattening of the curve of infected patients.

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There are several ways that viruses can be transmitted, such as contact with an infected person and unsafe sex. Poor personal hygiene also increases the risk of virus infection. Diagnosis of viral diseases is essential to reduce the risk of outbreaks and to provide prompt treatment. The high burden of viral diseases continues to be a public concern in all communities around the world. Viral Disease Diagnosis Market Report which collects data from industry focused database is presented.

Rapid point-of-care tests are also on the rise. Cepheid Xpert Xpress was recently launched, a small portable device for rapid screening. In addition, the quick finger prick test such as VivaCheck Biotech’s VivaDiag SARS-CoV-2 IgM / IgG rapid test is also a classic example describing the increase in rapid test measures. Such developments further increase the demand for diagnostic kits and will prove to be an advantage in increasing the growth rate of the Viral Disease Diagnosis market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the demand for diagnosis. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also urged all health agencies to make testing for the COVID-19 pandemic a top priority. This, in turn, increases the demand for diagnostic tests for viral diseases. Furthermore, a mixture of regulations and quick approvals by governments of various countries will also help the viral disease diagnosis market to a great extent.

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Competitor analysis:

This report provides profiles of the top companies operating in the global Viral Disease Diagnosis market, namely Abbott Laboratories, Cepheid, Roche Diagnostics, Thermo Fischer Scientific, bioMerieux, Becton Dickinson and Company, Affymetrix, Novartis Diagnostics, and Siemens AG.

Based on diagnostic tests, sample examination, serodiagnostic tests and viral isolation are the market segments. Sample examination involves direct examination of the sample for the presence of the virus antigen using light microscopy, electron microscopy, and various molecular techniques. Serodiagnostic tests involve several serological methods to detect virus-specific immunogens or viral antigens. The subsegments of the serodiagnostic tests are the complement fixation test, the hemagglutination inhibition test, the particle agglutination, the single radial hemolysis, the western blot, the immunofluorescence technique, the neutralization test, ELISA, the line immunoassay and recombinant immunoassay.

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