Viral Video Basil Joseph Tried To Attract Darsana With Singing A Song But He Failed | Viral video : No!!! Basil looking to beat Darshana down; What happened next…

Kochi : Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai is the latest movie starring Basil Joseph and Darshan Rajendran. The teaser of the film was released last day. The teaser of the film has already started trending on YouTube. Everyone started taking over the song in the teaser which starts with ‘Shanti Soumye’. After the teaser, the video of the actress going next to Basil Darshan regardless of the song went viral again.

He will reach the bottom by singing the song to Darshan who is standing somewhere. Without thinking about this, Darshan finally tells Basil not to go. Basil approaches Darshan by singing the song in the trailer of the film. Comedian Aziz Nedumangadum will accompany Basil. Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai director Vipin Das has shared the video.

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Apart from Basil and Darshan, the film, which will hit theaters on Diwali, also stars Aju Varghese, Aziz Nedumangad, Sudhir Paravoor, Manju Pillai, Harish Pengan, Nobby Marcos, Sarath Sabha and Anand Manamadan in the lead roles . Director Vipin himself has scripted the film.

The film was produced by Lakshmi Varrier and Ganesh Menon under the banner of Cheez Entertainments. Bablu Aju is handling the camera of the film. The music was composed by Ankit Menon with lyrics by Shabarish Verma, Vinayak Sasikumar, Manu Manjith, Marthyan and Jmyamah. Johnkutty is the editor.

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