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On some occasions, dogs behave like children since they usually perform many mischief. So an Arkansas dog, became the protagonist of a viral video of for doing something I shouldn’t have. The instant his owner noticed, he called out to him and he walked in a peculiar way. The scene has had a lot of impact and fun on the social network.

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It turns out that the animal in this story is called Reno and he had chewed on the things that were on a counter. His owner, realizing his wrongdoing, quickly called him, visibly outraged.

The dog, upon hearing him, turned to see him and for a brief moment stood still, apparently feeling fear. At the man’s insistence for wanting his pet to go to him, the dog began to walk, but it was super slow, as we see in the viral video of .

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The animal moved in such a unique way that it soon caught the attention of the social network. No user expected a dog to act like this, as if it were a child afraid of doing something they shouldn’t have.

The video of that moment is a success in . Currently it has a large number of reproductions and reactions. If you still do not see it, do not despair, in this note you can do it without problems. Here we leave the viral clip for you to appreciate.


Dog waits every day for a bus driver who gives him food

Dog waits every day for a bus driver who gives him food


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