Viral, Video of Sex Scenes in the United Nations Car Service in Israel


NEW YORK – United Nations (UN) endured extraordinary after videos of scenes of men and women having sex in the car of the world organization. The immoral scandal video that has been viral on social media took place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The video shows a woman in a red dress having sexual contact with a man in the back seat of a white car with some UN writings.

United Nations, as quoted BBCOn Saturday (6/27/2020), claimed to be investigating the incident and almost identified the people seen in the video. According to the United Nations, those involved are believed to be staff members of the peacekeeping organization in Israel.

In the video also seen other passengers in the front seat, while the driver is not visible when the car moves away. (Read: Naughty US Demonstrators Offer Sex to Police Who Will Retreat)

“We shock and are concerned and deeply disturbed by what is seen in this video, “said UN Secretary General Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Stephane Dujarric said.

“This incident is contrary to everything we stand for and has worked to achieve in terms of combating wrongdoing by UN staff,” he continued.

Dujarric described the behavior seen in the 18-second video as disgusting.

When asked if the sex act was a joint agreement or involved payment, Dujarric said the questions were part of an ongoing investigation.

The UN has a strict policy against sexual violations by its staff members.

Staff can be disciplined if they are found to be in violation of the rules of conduct. Those involved may be repatriated or even banned from UN peacekeeping operations, but the responsibility to punish them rests with the legal authority of the country of origin of the staff concerned.

The United Nations has long been under surveillance for alleged sexual violations by peacekeepers and other staff. There have been accusations that have often occurred in recent years.

Secretary General Guterres has promised to take a “zero tolerance” approach to sexual violations involving UN staff members. (Read: Covid-19 Pandemic, 20 Colombian men even sex parties)

Dujarric said the investigation into the sex scandal case was led by the United Nations Internal Oversight Service Office. “Moving very fast,” he said.

Based on the building seen in the video, the recording of the immoral scene was allegedly taken on HaYarkon Street, a normally busy area parallel to the pedestrian area.

“We hope this process can be concluded very quickly and intends to take appropriate action,” Dujarric said.

Heather Barr, co-director Human Rights Watch’s women’s rights division, said she was not surprised by the Israeli video.

Barr, who works for the United Nations in Burundi and Afghanistan, said it was good for the UN to investigate. “(However) the United Nations has a bigger problem than this video,” he said. (Also read: Children’s Farmer from Paluta Wins Adhi Makayasa Taruna AAU 2020)

“The issue is about allegations of sexual exploitation and harassment by UN staff members,” Barr said.

In 2019, there were 175 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against UN staff members. Of the hundreds of accusations, 16 were proven, 15 were not substantiated and the others were still being investigated.


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